Simultaneous Graph Drawing:
Layout Algorithms and Visualization Schemes

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The Simultaneous Embedded Graphing program demonstrates the Inter-wieghted layout, Aggregate layout, and Iterative swap layout methods. The program also demonstrates the use of viewing graphs in 3 different views, Aggregate view, side by side split view, and a 3D view which extrapolates the graph model on to seperate planes of a cube.

The program is written in Java and was tested using Java Runtime 1.4, which is freely available at the Sun's java website. The 3D rendering requires Java3D and either implementation of DirectX or OpenGL. A Java3D 1.3.1 API and runtime for Windows and Solaris are available. Linux runtimes and Java3D API on other platforms are also available.


The Simultaneous Embedded Graphing Applet is a functionally restrictive applet that allow users to build graphs on the screen, load them into the different layouts and animate the layout at work.


The program is allows users to load and save graphs from the filesystem. The serialized graphs are XML documents conforming to the XGMML document type definition.
The program can be downloaded here.

To run this program from the command line:
$java -jar SIMG.jar

NOTE: If the program fails to load, or hangs when you tab over to different layouts, be sure to have the latest JVM and Java3D runtime installed.