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An aggregate layout of a small file system directory at two given points in time. The dark blue vertices and thick teal edges denote the existence of the files and directories of both instances. The lighter vertices denote an addition to the file system.
Size: 975 KB
Length: 25.666 secs
Frame: 808x584 (px)
2 simple graphs which share common vertices are layed out using the Converging Iterations layout. This demonstrates the initial good placement of both the graphs, a couple iterations of swapping edges, and then a final look at the best graph thus far and comparison to the initial graph.
Size: 432 KB
Length:16.833 secs
Frame: 820x588 (px)
A complete graph of size 7 and a line graph of length 7 are embedded simultaneously using the Merged Interwieghted algortihm. This demonstrates the layout of the algorithm in a single view, (where common vertices are linked together), and a split view, which shows each graph seperately. The 3D views are then launched to show a graph using 2D planes overlay, 3D view in black background, and then 3D view in white background.
Size: 4.22 MB
Length: 76 secs
Frame: 812x556 (px)
Complete graph of size 8 and size 25 are embedded using the Merged Interwieghted layout. The graphs are seen in single view and split view, and then finally in 3D view.
Size: 3.28 MB
Length: 43.875 secs
Frame: 820x588 (px)
Complete graphs of 8, 25, and 50 are embedded using the Aggregate algorithm and aggregate view. The edge configuration dialog is displayed as well to show how the view can be manipulated such as edge color. This demonstrates manipulation of the edge displays so that graph substructures can be viewed easily.
Size: 6.59 MB
Length:85.625 secs
Frame: 820x588
Complete graphs of 8 and 25 are layed out using the Converging Iterations layout approach. This demonstrates a good initial placement of each graph individually, then a few iterations of edge swappings, and finally the best graph thus far.
Size: 1.47 MB
Length:15.5 secs
Frame: 820x588 (px)
2 Line graphs which share only a few vertices are embedded using the aggregate layout. The view is later launched into 3D.
Size: 1.43 MB
Length:27.875 secs
Frame: 820x588 (px)
The same line graphs used above are now laid out using the Merged Interwieghted layout. Observe how this embedding really makes both of the graphs resemble more like a line.
Size: 1.60 MB
Length:48.875 secs
Frame: 820x588 (px)
This layout uses a different underlying placement model. This uses a radial tree layout to place vertices, which is nice for trees and filesystems. The trees are embedded using the Aggregate Layout approach but uses a different placement. This demonstrates similar embedding techniques using different underlying placement algorithms. This functinality is available in the full downloaded program.
Size: 7.61 MB
Length:78.125 secs
Frame: 820x588 (px)
Two wheel graphs with different centers are placed using the Converging Iterations layout.
Size: 2.21 MB
Length:50.875 secs
Frame: 820x588 (px)